Jesse Witney 'The System' Single Launch (Full Band) + Neeko

The Wesley Anne, 250 High St, Northcote, Melbourne

Come celebrate with your community at the Wesley Anne on Friday 27th of March. Be entertained, reflect, participate, dance and shake off your worries for the week. We got you!

Jesse Witney mixes Samba, Soul, Reggae, Jazz and Rock, into delicious bite sized portions. Joining him is a handpicked group of Melbourne's finest musicians. Recently adding his own invention 'The Dance Box' to his slew of sounds, triggering beats with his feat, he strives to entertain and bewilder. The System is Jesse's first release from his upcoming album, recorded between Australia and Brazil, and is an unwavering statement that radical and imminent change is necessary.

Joining him on the night is Neeko, an understated rhythmic butterfly, whose melodic vocal ease floats on lush harmony and smooth percussion beds.

Come down and be reminded that we are all in this together!